Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 30 2010

Having had a little literary fun and a trip down memory lane in my last post dated April 29 2010, it is time to look to the present. I had my quarterly exam at the cancer center on June 30th. It began with blood work, a chest x-ray, and a head & neck CT scan. I visited with a speech therapist to discuss tongue exercises which may help with swallowing issues. Next I met with my oncologist and his physician assistant (PA). They had the finalized radiology report back from the CT scan I had two hours earlier. ALL CLEAR!!!! Both my doctor and his PA did a thorough exam. Again, all clear. That makes it 32 months with no evidence of disease and 6 months for clinical remission. I'm continuing on the daily maintenance chemo drug as the side effects are mild and the risk of a recurrence is still high. But, the further out I get, the smaller the odds of a recurrence. So, all good news. No qualifier.

On a random topic since I have your attention, I discovered a new source of entertainment on the world wide web. For those of you that enjoy music, give a try. It is completely free and tailored to your specific tastes. Plug in a few artists whose music you enjoy and it does the rest. Non stop streaming music 24 x 7.

Take care. Ed.