Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Appointment Scheduling

About a year into my cancer journey I decided to spend as little time and make as few trips as possible to the cancer center. Life already felt shortened. I can’t imagine my tombstone inscribed with the words, “I wish I had spent more time traveling to and being in the cancer center.” Please don’t get me wrong, there are great, dedicated, generous care givers and professionals at the hospital; I’d just rather be some place else.

My next set of appointments is in mid September. I have 6 appointments. Up until yesterday, they were spread over 3 separate trips within a 10 day period. It took some work (many emails and some diligence), but I now have all 6 appointments scheduled on the same day. It will begin with a blood draw, then a trip to dental oncology to assess my mouth device (which is working out great by the way), followed by a visit to the oncology clinic, a post surgery checkup, the supportive care unit, and then chemo. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Some appointments may start late and as a result others may have to be rescheduled, but the plan is to knock them all out in a single day.

The truth is that although I’m not really in charge, some days it feels like I am, and that makes me feel good.

Take care everyone.

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