Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Routine" Checkup Report

I saw my chemotherapy and supportive care doctors earlier today. Based on my physical exam which included blood work and vital signs accompanied by a decent amount of poking, prodding, and listening, they say I'm in good shape. That makes it 13 months with no evidence of disease.

My chemo doctor does not want me to start back up on the Avastin. I'm okay with that for now. My next appointment will be scheduled for January and my next scan with be in the January / February time frame.

After talking to my supportive care doctor and her team about my current concerns, they gave me some tips and thoughts on how to transition from a full time cancer patient to a new healthier normal from a mental perspective. I'm taking their wisdom and experience under advisement... in plain English, that means I'm thinking about it.

Take care.

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Lalji Paul said...

Ed, Happy Holidays and good to hear about your progress.