Saturday, September 12, 2009

Upcoming Clinic Visit

I’m scheduled for my first 3 month check up on Monday September 21st. My doctor decided that a CT scan of my chest is warranted. This is based on a note I sent to him regarding what I suspect is a pulled muscle in my left side that has not healed in 2 months. I thought he might start with an x-ray and then, if needed, move to a CT scan. This produces a high degree of anxiety… somewhat out of proportion to the actual pain. Now, only a clean scan will put my anxiety at bay.

June and July were terrific months for me. I was feeling great and saw a lot of friends and family. August and so far into September have not been as kind. Small aches and pains get in the way of enjoyment.

Today is the 9th anniversary of my mom’s death. She died of lung cancer at age 72. This too weighs on my mind.

Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...


I am sending postive thoughts your way about the scan on the 21st.

I'm sorry about your mom. My dad's "anniversary" of passing away from cholangiocarcinoma is coming up on Oct. 24 - 2 years. It does not seen any easier than the first.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you,

Cape Girardeau, MO

Susanne said...

Thinking of you and remembering your wonderful, fun loving, and special mom.
Best wishes and L'Shana Tova.