Friday, April 2, 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front

The literal translation of that title is "Nothing new in the West" with the West being the war. It was a routine dispatch used by German soldiers during World War I.

On March 31st I had blood drawn and clinic visits with my oncologist and surgeon at my cancer center. They did not see anything suspicious, said I looked well, and will schedule me for a follow up in 3 months. That visit will involve a CT scan of my H&N, maybe my chest, and an x-ray. I have been taking a daily chemo pill, Tarceva, for 28 months. My oncologist thought it best for me to continue with this treatment. This all leads back to the above title, there is nothing new with my own personal war on cancer. I'm still in clinical remission having had no evidence of disease for 30 months.

While at the cancer center, I was able to talk to my speech therapist who scheduled me for a modified barium swallow test later that same day. The results this time were different than the test last August. I'm 100% convinced that my anatomy had not changed. The difference was the skill of the therapist performing this test. The test showed some constriction in my esophagus and felt a consult with a gastrointestinal doctor (and a possible esophageal dilation procedure) may yield some progress in my ability to consume additional types of food. I have been living off of Boost nutrition drinks for over 3 years now. It's good, but not that good. I'm encouraged by this latest development.

I was also able to have a great catch up with a friend that works at the cancer center. So, all-in-all a pretty good day.

Stay well and take care.



Anonymous said...

Thankls for the update Ed. And good luck with seeing the new specialist about your swallowing issues. If you can just get that working better, you'll REALLY be in good shape!!!

John Horne

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed, It is very sweet to be able to check in to your blog and hear that all is quiet. Your literary references are great. Thx,