Friday, June 24, 2011

What a H&N Cancer Patient doesn't want to have...

A sore throat. For most people, me included, a sore throat was (past tense) just that and nothing more. We all get them. That was then; now it dredges up a lot of bad memories and negative possibilities. I've been feeling a bit under the weather for about two weeks with frequent migraines, more than the usual fatigue and loss of appetite, and a SORE THROAT. I went to the doctors today for my annual physical (it's actually been a few years). They swabbed my throat and it came back positive for type A strep. I began a 10 day regimen of an antibiotic. In researching this on the Internet, it appears that this is a pretty common illness and that whatever contagion I may have will be gone within 24 hours of beginning my medication. For now, the best cure is a little extra rest.

I can't not wonder how I got this. I realize this is a stretch with possibly scant medical backing. For me, I believe it to be a somewhat compromised immune system from my cancer and all my cancer treatments and a potential side effect of the stress and close people contact associated with traveling (that trip to ASCO 2011 in Chicago two weeks ago). I've mentioned in the past that travelling is a challenge for me, this is one of a number of those challenges... real or imagined.

Take care everyone.


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