Sunday, July 1, 2007

Current Status

Surgery was 12 days ago on June 19th. Time flies when you’re having fun. I was beginning to feel a bit recovered from the chemo, which had last been administered on May 23rd, 5.5 weeks ago, when surgery was performed. Yesterday I removed the white tape covering the incision. The incision is about 5 inches long and runs in a small crease in my neck from about my earlobe towards my adams apple. It is almost invisible. It was closed with dissolvable steri-strips. The incision is mostly healed and almost invisible. There is still a little swelling and the surgery site is tender to the touch, but all things considered, pretty darn amazing.

My stamina is returning. I began working out this past week and plan to continue that compulsion, there are worse addictions. I played a little golf over the past 2 days and am not too far off (maybe a stroke or less a hole) from where I was pre-chemo last December. I have also put on 3 - 4 needed pounds, but more is required. I have reduced my pain and anxiety medications. I’d love to eliminate them, but am not there yet. My attitude is good, but I’m anxious about the new chemo regimen that will probably begin in about two weeks. I have very little information about the exact timing and drugs to be used. I’ll try to close that loop within the next day or two. The unknowns and uncertainty drive me crazy.

Here are a few other items of note before signing off. People continue to show incredible generosity. My sister visited with us so that she could help us during the actual surgery timing. My youngest brother came and stayed for 4 days two days after surgery to help take care of things and keep us company. I wasn’t capable of moving around or doing much of anything during those days. Many of you have stayed in close touch with calls and e-mails, some have brought food over, and some have even helped drive us places. All of this is tremendously generous and appreciated. An in law, knowing how much I enjoy playing and watching golf, went to the US Open at Oakmont Pennsylvania on practice Wednesday two weeks ago, obtained a 2007 US Open cap, and actually found six PGA players to sign it. She sent that to me a few days ago along with the program guide and a hand drawn diagram deciphering the signatures. Some signatures required deciphering, some didn’t. And, she doesn’t even play or watch golf. She knew how much I’d enjoy this, which I do. Now, that was special. So, again, thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers and helping me feel better.

Since this blog is primarily about how I’m dealing with my cancer and I’m trying to forget Cancer World (a term I picked up from the Leroy Siever’s cancer NPR blog) for a little while, I may not write again for a few weeks until chemo begins and I’m forced to remember. Take care everyone.

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