Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Chemo Treatment Begins Today

Well, I got my time off, about 7 weeks since my last chemo infusion and 4 weeks from my last surgery. I made the best of it. Saw lots and lots of family, friends, and relatives. My golf game is somewhat back. It dawned on me the other day, as if the proverbial light bulb went off in my head that golf is my mental therapy. Much of the time I'm too weak or tired to play 18 holes and the aftermath of playing can leave me exhausted, but while I'm out there, I can forget about my ailments and really enjoy myself. Thanks to all and any of you that have joined me on the course or practice range.

I leave for the hospital in about an hour. I'll be there about 8 hours... blood work, waiting, clinical exam, waiting, more waiting, and then 2 - 3 hours of chemo. They are planning to use a drug called Gemcitabine. It is for treating non small cell lung and other cancers. I have a lot of questions for my doctor as this seems to be used only on cancers other than what I have. I think they have run out of traditional options for me. But these are the best and the brightest in the Head and Neck cancer field in the world and I'm going with the recommendations of my medical team. There will be three treatments in total for this chemo cycle. Today, July 25th, and August 8th. I'm not looking forward to the treatments, but am more than pleased to have a plan of attack.

I'll be thinking of you all today and hope to write an update tomorrow. Take care.


Jill said...

Hi Ed, I found your site through Leroy's blog. Thanks for sharing your story.

I took Gemzar and found it fairly easy to tolerate. I took it for breast cancer and unfortunatly it didn't work for me. I know they use it for many types of cancer. I hope this works for you.

Ruth said...

I may bring this up w/ my oncologist since 9 months of chemo and 3 different regimens failed to make a dent in the progression. Neither has 3 rounds of radiation (2 + CyberKnife) and 3 surgeries. What started as such a small deal (tongue lesion) has in 3 years become the focus of my life and what a drag that can be. I can't talk, eat, or drink either and those were always my strong points! Thanks for writing. Our cancer doesn't get much play in the world.