Thursday, January 17, 2008


Same old, same old (soso). Hi. There's not really a lot of new news to post. I'm feeling a bit fatigued and also have a few other chemo side affects which are tolerable. I'm managing most of them with over the counter medicines. Leroy Sievers from the NPR cancer blog wrote on 1/16/08 the following, "More than two years in [with this disease], cancer has just become another part of my life." That's pretty much how I'm feeling lately. So, for those out there that are wondering how I'm doing, I'm doing okay. I'm in mid cycle with my IV chemo treatment and have more than less had to abandon working out. I'll resume my workouts as soon as my body tells me I can.

Thanks for checking in. Take care everyone.

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Millie said...

I was very touched by your recap blog last month which I just read becasue we were in Israel for Josh's 2nd son, Yuva's, bar mitzvah and I have been slowly getting to allthe email that accumulated.
I also read the updates of course and I can only repeatr what I assume you ghave heard many many times - you are incredible in how you are dealing with this cancer and the sense of positive thinking just shines out. Has anyone mentioned to you the suggestion that watching funny movies and having a good laugh each day is another way to have the mind affect the body and healing? I can't remember who propounded the theory (and actually practiced it) but it struck me as a worthy approach.
Anyhow I know as you mention that you have many people who love you and are sending positive messages out to the universe hoping for positive results from the treatments.
I think of you often and send my warmest wishes for health. Say hi to Cathy.