Friday, March 7, 2008

CT Scan Results – Negative for Disease

I got 2 brief emails today. One from my chemo doctor and the other from his physician assistant. My CT scan from Wednesday night showed no evidence of cancer. Obviously, that’s terrific news. It’s what I was expecting and I‘m pleased. It doesn’t mean I’m cured, but the longer I can hold off the disease, the better my chances are that it will not return. My last operation to remove confirmed cancer cells was in October 2007, 5 months ago. If I can make it 6 – 9 more months with clean scans, I’ll begin feeling much more comfortable. As for the current chemo regimen, it will continue for the time being. That’s the other hurdle, what happens when the chemo stops? I think of it as another situation for my body to be tested somewhere down the road.

Thanks for checking in. Have a great weekend. Take care.


Clare said...

That is awesome news, Ed. Congratulations! and thanks for the update.

John said...

That is terrific news Ed! Congratulations and thank you for letting us know.


Pete said...

Great news!