Sunday, March 16, 2008

Normal Day

Hi. My cancer blog has focused on my cancer. This may seem like an odd statement for those of you living outside of cancer world. In reading other people’s cancer blogs, they focus on friends, family, trips, current activities, their cancer, feelings, and their cancer treatments. Being a private person, I rarely talk about anything other than life aspects directly connected to my disease.

This blog entry is not breaking with that tradition. But, yesterday was exciting to me, I had an almost normal day. I went to the beach near my house, got mildly sunburned on my legs (87 degrees and sunny out), I took a silly 2 hour bus tour of a historic city (although silly, it was educational and entertaining), and had lobster bisque soup at a boardwalk restaurant next to a water channel overlooking a bay with lots of small yachts and sail boats coming and going. My eating wasn’t pretty. A few napkins were required, but so what. Although the restaurant was a bit noisy, my new mouth piece now allows me to speak over the noise without the effort of shouting. This is a major victory. We left the house at 10 AM and got home at 9 PM. Other than trips to the cancer center, I’m sure I haven’t been out of the house for that length of time since my major operation in July 2006. Taking some illness-related paraphernalia with me for the day took a little extra preparation time to get ready for this outing. Overall, it was close to a normal day and I thoroughly enjoyed that part of it almost as much as the day’s activities themselves.

I don’t expect much new news in the near future and as such don’t expect to be writing blog updates as often as in the past. My next chemo is on March 26th. I have 7 different appointments scheduled at the cancer center for that day. That day too will be normal. Not the kind of normal that I like, but normal to me nonetheless.

Thanks for checking in. Take care.

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