Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch

Life for another member of the cancer family came to an end today according to this article from Bloomberg.

Randy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in mid 2006. He became famous when he delivered his "Last Lecture" at Carnegie-Mellon University last September.

I read his book which was given to me as a gift recently. The book far exceeded my expectations. After all, who needs yet another book about cancer. But, the book wasn't about cancer. It was about how he realized his childhood dreams. There were many excellent life lessons in the book.

It is also a grim reminder that no matter how smart, rich, popular, loved, innovative and determined you are to beat this disease, sometimes the disease wins. Randy left a terrific legacy for his 3 young children by leaving behind his story such that he might be able to guide them as he would want as they grow older.

Take care everyone.

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Anonymous said...

i loved this book. such positive energy. i'm going to see how many more times i can get it read before it goes back to the library.

you are right. the book wasn't about cancer. it was about life.

stay well, ed.