Friday, March 27, 2009

The Cancer Time Warp

I began seeing a Therapist earlier this year. I see her once every two weeks. It is helping. One “ah ha” moment from my last session emanated from a statement I made to her. I said, “It feels like my diagnosis was just last week [it will be 4 years ago next month] and everything else in my life seems like they happened a lifetime ago." She said it is not uncommon to be self absorbed and engrossed in a personal traumatic event. The event becomes all consuming and most everything else takes a backseat. This resonated with me. It has been like a time warp. The world, events, and people around you continue on with their lives and somewhat gradually (figuratively speaking), I’m coming out of a coma. It feels good to be here.

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Take care and good health to you all.


Anonymous said...

I find your comments very interesting, Ed. About the coming out of a coma and finding the rest of the world has just kept moving on....with or without you. It's nice too that you now are feeling pretty good about where you are in this process.

John in Pensacola

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,
I am shocked to hear it has been 4 years since this battle began. Thank g-d you are the determined and courageous man you have proven yourself to be. You are my hero. Love you! Pam