Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brief Health Update

I had three clinic visits at my cancer center today. Following a physical exam by my oncologist he said I looked great. I asked about a longer term prognosis. Paraphrasing, he said that I’ve had no evidence of disease for long enough such that he felt the immediate danger was far reduced. He also said I beat some pretty tough odds to be where I am today with no evidence of disease for 19 months. We discussed the rash which I mentioned in my last blog entry. He did not feel it was cancer treatment related. My other concerns about poor blood circulation and foot neuropathy did not deter him from having me continue on with the daily dose of 150 mg Tarceva pill. In about 6 six weeks I’ll go back for a head and neck CT scan.

On the obturator (mouth prosthesis) front, we abandoned trying to get the new one to fit properly. They adjusted my old obturator. With the device in, I’m estimating that my speech is approaching 85% of the quality of my pre-surgical voice. It still takes some effort, but I’m quite pleased with this progress.

I also saw the physicians and clinicians in the Supportive Care unit. They have been a great resource to me over the past year. They helped me address fatigue, nutrition, and depression. Given the positive trend in my health (both physical and mental), we agreed that I’d call them if there is a future need.

That sums it up for the day. Take care and good health to you all.


Anonymous said...


Just catching up with the good news on your blog. Good, good, GOOD!!! That's excellent that you're getting such a good reading from your doc.

John in Pensacola

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ed, you really are an inspiration to us life-sucks-because-"insert any non-life-threatening ailment"-is getting me down. Not to downplay the fact that each person's problems are huge. But, I am really thankful for people like you and I thank God for knowing you and your inspirational story. Thank you, Ed!