Friday, August 17, 2007

Quicky Update

It's Friday night and today was a good day... finally. The decision to cancel the last chemo treatment this past Wednesday continues to feel even more right to me today. I did some physical activity, saw the Bourne Ultimatum (action packed but with a weak plot), ate 2.5 meals, drank a bunch of water, and generally felt pretty good. Recovery from the chemo takes awhile, but once it starts, it seems like it only takes a few days to fully kick in. So, I expect to have the next 4 days in which to enjoy a brief vacation from my disease before my next chemo round starts. I finished the River of Doubt about Teddy Roosevelt's exploration of the Amazon jungle yesterday. This was a quick read and very enlightening; I highly recommend it. I also wrote a rather lengthy e-mail to my chemo doctor asking him to think about ways to help make future chemo more tolerable. I'm not sure there are any answers to be had here since we talk at length about this in person, but it made me feel like I was doing something to address the adverse side effect issue. Have a great weekend everyone and take care.

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