Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Chemo Countdown Continues – 15 days

There is nothing much new to report on from yesterday. I had a relatively okay day on Saturday. I rated myself a 4.5. (Note, I made the size of the graph smaller on the page, but you can double click on it to enlarge it). I was fatigued, but not in pain. I was able to be out of bed for a good part of the day. Plus, a few friends dropped by and kept me company. One helped with some needed stuff around the house. The other friend and I caught up on current events and watched part of the Crown Plaza Invitational golf match taking place at Colonial Golf Club in Fort Worth Texas. The weather conditions there were anywhere from sunny and dry to torrential downpours. They didn’t finish the Friday cut line until about 3:00 PM Saturday due to weather delays. Not many really big named players (i.e., the top three were not there), not much of a crowd either. Jeff Maggert, one of our local Woodlands’ PGA pros, was doing well at 3 back (-8) tied for 5th place. K.J. Choi, our other Woodlands’ PGA pro was at -4, but not doing as well and tied for 36th place. Still, -4 is a darn good number.

One of the hardest things I had to do yesterday was saying no to my daughter. She and a friend wanted to do stuff outside as it was approaching night time. If I had been feeling better, it would have been no problem. But I wasn’t and knew I did not have the strength to deal with the off chance possibility that one of them could hurt themselves outside. That would have been pretty unlikely, but still a possibilities and I was the adult in charge. I try my hardest to minimize my illness impact on her (and her friends), but was unsuccessful in this quest last night. She was a relatively (and I use that word somewhat loosely) good sport about it. They found inside stuff to do.

I got a good night’s sleep, over 12 hours, and so far his morning I am feeling good. I began the new Michael Connolly book, Darkness More Than Night. One of the reviews said it was his most brilliantly plotted novels ever. Many of his characters spill over from one book to the next. It’s almost like a good TV series, but reading it, not watching it.

Just 15 days to go and I expect to be past the majority of the chemo side effects. Yea!

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Fran in Pgh said...

Just wanted to let you know, Ed, how terrific it is for me and all your other faithful readers to be able to come read your daily account of what you're up to and how you're doing. It so easily let's us in on where you are without having to BUG you. If it's any consolation, an occasional 'no' to a teenager from a parent, for whatever reason, is not a bad thing, even when it hurts. It's always for his or her own good. That's what parenting is all about.
ps: I really like the charting! It's so Ed.