Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Brighter Mood

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m recovering from the surgery. I’ve been sleeping better, resting more, staying on a liquid diet (but still getting the needed calories and nutrients), and did a light workout (5 pound weights and stationary bike riding) today. I’ve always liked working out and its one more activity that makes me feel “normal.” This is very typical in the Cancer World community, the drive to feel normal. I record my workouts. My most recent prior workout was almost 6 weeks ago on 9/21; the one before that was almost 3 months ago on 8/7. Between the chemo and the surgeries, I have not been feeling strong enough to work out. When I’m feeling well, I work out 3 - 4 times per week. Before cancer, I used dumbbells weighing up to 35 pounds, so 5 pounds is a bit wimpy, but I’ll take it for now. Before long, I’ll be up to the 10 pound weights.

I read someone’s cancer blog the other day. It was very well done. It had beautiful pictures and a wonderful story of long term success in keeping the cancer at bay. It was written by a women who was probably in her mid-twenties, but had been fighting cancer for over 10 years. The author began or ended each blog entry with what she enjoyed most that day, that is, what made each day special. I began thinking about this and I liked what she had done. I’m not going to copy it, but I am going to try to spend some time each day thinking about what made the day special or good for me and be thankful for that time and activity. There may be a lesson here for others are well.

I have 13 days until my next cancer appointment. That’s a long time in my world without having to see a doctor. It may not be the best thing that has happened to me today, but it’s near the top of the list. I suspect I’ll begin pre-emptive chemo in mid-November again as well. Not a happy thought.

Enough for today. Take care and stay well everyone.

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