Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Post Surgery Update

It’s Wednesday and 4.5 days since surgery ended. It was a tough few days, but as of yesterday, the pain medicine seems to be working… FINALLY. It really didn’t seem to put a dent in my pain until then. I’m now able to sleep better, wash, walk around, read, and concentrate again. That all feels good. When in pain, all those normal activities fall away and I’m relegated to Law & Order re-runs.

I was able to locate a new website which specializes in cancer blogs. As I’ve said in the past, I read a lot about cancer everyday looking for solutions and ways to deal with my own situation. The blog is called This is an online community designed to help people whose lives have been touched by cancer. Whether you are the one with cancer or it’s a friend or family member who you are caring for, offers a supportive online environment where you can share your experiences via an online journal (blog), learn from others and find support for the challenges you are facing. I’m still exploring its resources, but am finding it helpful. If interested and useful to you, their website address is…

I have a few out of town visitors coming in today and tomorrow. Since I’m feeling part way human again, I’m very excited about their arrival. I’m sure I’ll be on the slow side for them, but we’ll have a good reunion nonetheless.

Take care and stay health.

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Julie B. said...

Ed, we're glad to hear you are finally starting to feel better from your surgery, at least as well as can be expected. It must be awfully frustrating when the pain medicine doesn't give you any relief. I hope you find some comfort/support at the redtoenail website. I am sure you never imagined you would be using the internet the way you are now unfortunately. Is there any magazine you wouldn't mind reading, but don't get right now or any TV show you like/liked a lot since many TV shows have DVD's out? We want to send you something you would read or watch.