Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chemo Yesterday

Yesterday’s chemo treatment was worse than usual. Part of it was my mental outlook. I’m still fatigued from the last chemo round, my confidence that the treatment is actually working is low, the anticipation of the side effects (especially the migraine like headache that lasted 48 hours after the last treatment) was high, and needing two sticks to find the right vein put the icing on the cake. On top of all that, it was the 7th anniversary of my mom’s death to lung cancer. She died on September 12th 2000. I wrote this next part to my dad and siblings two days ago…

“I think about her at times. She had a good life and died with dignity in the face of adversity. Cancer is so terrible. It robs your body and leaves your mind intact. My mom was so herself 48 hours before she died, but she was ready to go. I said something to someone yesterday that in retrospect seems a bit dumb. I said I would probably go before I was ready. They said, isn’t that true of most people. It probably is.”

If she could see me and my spouse now, I think she would be saddened by the pain and suffering this disease has caused us. My mom went quickly, 6 months from diagnosis to grave. For us, at least today and the 2.5 years since I was first diagnosed, it feels more like death by a 1000 cuts. I’m looking forward to an improved mental outlook for me and those close to me over the next few days.

We did have some other visits in addition to chemo at the hospital yesterday. My thanks goes out to those doctors and researchers who spent some of their valuable time with us and who are looking for a cure to this insidious disease. Even if their work does not have application to me personally, I have to believe it will help those that come after me.


justme519 said...

Dear Ed, I came from Leroy's blog to yours today. I am so sorry that this is getting so increasing tough for you. You have been going through this for such a long time. I don't blame you for feeling down. I did read all of your blog. My heart breaks to hear what a hard time you've had. The insulin therapy sounds interesting and well worth your investigation. This comment comes to you at a time when your feeling really bad, please find some comfort that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers often! Maybe just maybe you'll not feel so ucky this go round. Lords knows you deserve it.
Sending a gentle cyber-hug

dp said...

Howdy, Ed!

Just wanting you to know there are healing energies being sent your way from the mid-West, as well.


Aoife said...

Don't give up. I have oesophageal cancer and am only 33 but I am fighting it. Today is the 3rd anniversary of my mum having a brain haemorrage and becoming brain damaged. There are worse things than what we have gone through.