Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today’s Clinic Visit

This will be short, I promise. I saw my chemo doctor today. There was a low pressure pitch to get my last round of chemo for cycle 8. I decided I could not tolerate the potential side effects, so passed. I’ve said this before, there are no right or wrong answers here, even time will not be able to tell if this was the right decision to make. I have a PET scan being scheduled for Monday. My doctor will call me with the results by Wednesday. Ideally, they will be clean and if so, I can go into a monitoring mode. That would give me a chance to actually recover from 9 months of chemo. If not, we’ll have to move in some direction based on the scan results. I’m not expecting a clean scan, but I sure am hoping for one. My doctor is not convinced that the small lump we feel under my jaw line is cancer; it could be a result of the operation from June or a non-cancerous lymph node due to a low grade infection. The PET scan should provide insight and clarification on this lump.

That’s it for today. See, I kept my promise. I don’t expect to post again for about a week. There’ll be no news until next Wednesday and then I’ll need some time to digest it before writing about it.

Take care, be positive, and stay healthy everyone.

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